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What to see and do in the City of Cusco Peru

There are things that will inevitably be part of your journey such as the hundreds of cobbled streets with stories to tell, lor craft markets, the stone of twelve angles, the great cathedral and several of the churches that will cross your path.

These are, however, some of the most recommended things to explore in the city:

SAN BLAS Mandatory place of passage. Starting from the Plaza de Armas through the narrow and Andean narrow streets you will arrive after a few steps uphill. The tourist atmosphere while Andean and romantic will catch you while you manage to see the city from the heights.


SAN PEDRO MARKET One of the most varied and exotic places in terms of regional food and products. Fresh coca leaves, pure cocoa, coffee of the best quality, fruit juices and typical dishes are just some of the things you will find. Ideal to fill up with provisions if you want to save money.


SACSAYHUAMAN Going up the stairs and by the winding road that goes in the direction of the Christ that observes the whole city you will find the fortress of Sacsayhuamán. The first approach you will have with the Inca arqutecturra before going to Machu Picchu. Galleries, steps, and windows made of stone are the main attraction, as well as a large true esplanade to relax the view. Watch out for the girls in colorful outfits walking flames. Taking pictures is not free.


MOON TEMPLE Not far from Sacsayhuaman you will find the archaeological remains of the Temple of the Moon. While several tours take you only in passing if you go on your own you can stay longer and find yourself on the road with the authentic archaeological remains.


CORICANCHA The one that was originally the Temple of the Sun and where then the Convent of Santo Domingo was built. Currently one of the most interesting temples in the heart of the city of Cuzco.



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