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Ukukus Karaoke BBQ bar night


On Nov 30, 2019 At 17:00


Come this Saturday the 30th of November for our hostel bar opening! A great place to organise future events or parties because of all the cool rooms and options. 

We will have:

  • Karaoke
  • Grill bbq potluck party - a guest will make their world famous marinade and soak chicken breast in it for two days, but make plenty more so that if you bring your own steak or meat to grill on the bbq, you can brush the excess marinade on your steak. Or bring any kind of food you like and we will all share. 
  • Artisan beer at discount price of two bottles for s25 (usually s15 each)
  • Live music. Our guest has a ukulele and harmonica, but if you can play some songs, bring your own instruments or inspire him, he may be willing to pull out his viola!

You can come any time from 5pm. Nice to get some bbqing in while there is still a bit of sun left!

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